DRASTICALLY REDUCE PROCESSING COSTS IN YOUR BUSINESS: Pass on 3% or 4% service fees to card-paying customers. Offer normal transaction costs to CASH or PIN DEBIT transactions. Expect to save between 70-90% compared to other processing programs. You can choose between several different terminal and POS devices. The service fee is added seamlessly - no extra work for you. No need to display multiple item prices.

Securely Accept Any Method of Payment

Swipe, dip and tap. By providing customers with the convenience to use any of these payment options, you’ll never miss a sale.

EMV Chip Card With a tap, dip or swipe, accept payments by credit, EMV chip, and debit cards. Digital Wallet Accept Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay® payments. ACH


Accept Automated Clearing House payments directly from your customer's bank account. Gift Cards Accept gift card payments, as well as activate, redeem and reload customized gift cards.


Powerfully Simple Point of Sale • Staff can learn in minutes to easily and quickly ring up sales • Make better decisions by seeing top-selling inventory and sales patterns • Tablet & swivel stand, app, wifi receipt printer, cash drawer, card swiper and router • Cloud-based back office for reporting and maintenance anytime, anywhere Groovv is the all-in-one Android tablet cash register that helps you easily ring up sales, accept credit cards and track inventory Contact Dudley Jennings 661-478-0657 dudleyjennings01@gmail.com wwww.jmsmerchantservices.com

Phone Swipe is a free app and free credit card reader that transforms your smartphone into a mobile point-of-sale terminal. Our mobile credit card processing solution empowers your business to accept credit cards and be able to take your business directly to your customers. You'll be able to increase revenue, expand your customer base, and increase market reach. Call 661-478-0657 You won't have to worry about being tied to a storefront or your customers' lack of cash.

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Clover Flex is the newest addition to the Clover line, and offers the ultimate in mobility and usability. ... Clover Flex is a hand-held device, designed to manage all of your payment processing needs: Accept any kind of transaction, right out of the box – EMV, Pin-Debit, Chip+PIN, and Apple Pay.

NO SETUP FEE, NO MONTHLY FEE, NO CANCELLATION Fee…. & NO ONE offer all that and at only 2.25% so a $10 sale only .23cents a $100 sale only $2.25…. You could have your FREE Phone swipe in about 7 business days…. Apply today! Call Dudley Jennings 661-478-0657 It's fast and easy to increase your business!! Give your customers more options. Accept credit cards!! Click link to sign up to process credit cards on your phone or tablet!!www.plusbyems.com/4818